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Name: Mike Smith

Born: April 16th 1959

Nationality: Australian

Country: of entry Australia

Race: GGR 2022

Boat Class: Suhaili

More an adventure sailor than an around the bouy’s sailor. The Golden Globe Race suits Mike’s skill set, endurance and stubborn yet optimistic nature.

Mike started off his GGR campaign with empty pockets, designed and is building his boat virtually singlehanded. His pockets may still be empty but he drives on, it may seem impossible, until it is done.

Mike grew up on sailing boats of all types from folding canvas canoes to 40’ offshore racing catamarans; Racing and Seamanship has always been a large part of his interest. The two components may seem intuitively counterpoised, Mike seems them as complementary, and noting to win a race both crew and boat must first finish the race.

Mike’s sailing interest is very much the technical and endurance aspects which is reflected in his work and experience as marine surveyor, boat builder / designer and including tough navy diver training.

Mike’s time at Boatspeed as the project coordinator for Ellen MacArthur’s 76’ trimaran “B&C Castorama”, and Thomas Covilles 105’ trimaran “Sodebo” introduced him to the high end of singled handed sailing and confirmed a deep interest in solo sailing, initial excited when reading Sir Francis Chichester’s “The Lonely Sea and the Sky” as a young boy.

Mike’s solo sailing has mainly been the notorious Cape of Good Hope coastal waters, learning the pleasure of self-reliance in sometimes difficult conditions sailing a small 23’ plywood yacht.

Mike’s ocean sailing experience in the South Atlantic and double handed in the Tasman qualifies him as a GGR entrant.  

Mike’s interests are broad extending to preserving the oceans he loves from over fishing, exploitation and pollution.

Email: mike@marineleisure.com.au

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