About the Race

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The Golden Globe Race is unlike any other yacht race.

Single handed, non-stop, with many of the 30000 miles around the world sailing the roaring forties.

The boats are repurposed 32 to 36 foot rugged cruising yachts from the 1980s.

The rule constraints restrict modifications.  

Unlike most other ocean races the boats remain competitive from one race to the next as development is not allowed. The use of repurposed boats that remain competitive for successive races ticks the sustainability box.

This retro styled race over 9 months encompasses traditional seamanship skills in sextant navigation, manual weather routing, yacht maintenance and repairs, crew health and substance. All with no outside help. No sat comms for advice, no GPS, and no external weather routing are allowed. There are few safe havens en route. Despite the best preparation a very high degree of self-reliance and resilience will be called upon those few sailors that complete the course. 

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